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However varied the data you supply may be, it is converted into a format suitable for CDs or DVDs in the premastering process.

If you are unable to send us an input medium such as CD-R, DVD-R or DLT tape, we are happy to convert it into one of these formats for you.

We can process your data from any common data medium (e.g. hard disk etc.) Premastering is also the last step in optimising your data before a medium is replicated.


Production of the glass master is the first step in the duplication process. Once premastering has painstakingly prepared your data, your medium now undergoes one last process before reproduction.

In this the information is transferred onto a light-sensitive coating on a glass panel. This glass panel is then metallised via electroplating processes. From this are finally produced the stampers.

The glass master and stampers are produced in-house to a high degree of precision, the process being subject to our permanent monitoring.


We manufacture optical storage media around the clock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a capacity of 330,000 CDs, 150,000 DVDs and 17,000 Blu-rays per day. CDs and DVDs of 80 mm diameter can also be produced. A comprehensive camera system ensures the consistent quality of your medium during production.

DVDs are manufactured and CDs are manufactured by an injection moulding process followed by metallisation (the so-called sputtering process using aluminium or copper).
Finally a protective coating is applied to the disc. All production carries a manufacturer code, called the ifpi code. This guarantees the confidentiality of your data and program contents and is always traceable.

Only from CDA: a design - with or without text - on the read side of the CD/DVD.


We use modern offset printing or traditional screen printing to label all the optical storage media we produce. This way you can choose.

Screen printing is ideal for coloured images, since this process produces very clear, bright colours. Colour resolution is much higher in offset printing. This makes it ideal for photo-realistic images.

Labels can be printed in up to 6 colours using the Pantone, HKS or Euroscale system. The label specifications can be found in our Download-Area.


HD printing can be used to print high-resolution images in near-photo quality with very sharp details. This method features excellent colour brightness and print run consistency as well as a homogeneous printed image. The HD printing process is ideal for label layouts that depend on true colour reproduction and accurate rendering of details such as faces.


From printing to shipping

Printed material: perfect print for your product
Our new high-performance five-colour Bogen offset machine and the latest printing and proofing technology means we can produce printed material for approx. 40 million data media a year right here at CDA. We also work together with certified suppliers.
You send us your artwork as press-ready master on a data medium or via FTP. Any surplus production necessitated by the print run is also delivered, which you can use for any reprints.

Packaging: shipping-ready product
In addition to the standard jewel cases for CDs and DVDs, our range includes a large number of other packaging options to make your product stand out. We assemble common packaging formats automatically. For special packaging assembly is performed manually in-house. All products can also of course be supplied cellophaned.


Plastic custom packaging

Following is an overview of standard plastic packaging for both CDs and DVDs. We work with approved suppliers allowing us to ensure high quality at all times.

Wide choice of designs and colors - cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging can provide added visual value to your product and make it look special. We work with approved suppliers allowing us to ensure high quality at all times.

Individual designs and special packaging

If you"re looking for something eyecatching, our special packaging"s just what you need. A digibox, digistack or wooden box – packaging like this elevates your product above the day-to-day. We work with approved suppliers allowing us to ensure high quality at all times.


  • Warehouse with more than 9,000 storage positions
  • Fully automated and computer controlled
  • Online order tracking
  • Express / direct shipments
  • Global distribution


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