Think green - we make an active contribution to environmental protection

The beautiful mountains of the Thuringian forest are also home to CDA. No wonder, then, that the life and work in the green heart of Germany evokes a particular demand for environmental awareness.

CDA GmbH has successfully achieved this demand through certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. All aspects of the production were considered as a whole and newly systematized based on an integrated management system encompassing both quality and concern for the environment. The economic and environmental, as well as qualitative performance of the company were thus significantly increased.

The 280 employees are to be commended for a great share in that. They were actively involved in the business process and made aware of environmental topics from the outset. Whether in the administration or the production: the attentive employees of CDA ensure that the environmental burden is kept to a minimum. Additionally, team cohesion and rapport among the workforce has increased, thanks to this daily, as wThrough this daily, joint effort.

The new environmental management, however, concerns not only the areas of waste management, material consumption or water and energy resources. The new structures also provide more safety in cases of disaster, malfunctions and emergencies. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the risk to employees and production.

Another advantage: We will be even more competitive in the future with successful certification. After all, many of today’s customers demand operational environmental management and ecological packaging beginning at the time of placing an order. CDA meets this customer demand responsibly with the PRO-EARTH Pack for Blue-ray as well as the DVD eco-packaging. Additionally, thanks to PEFC certification, use of paper is guaranteed to come from sustainable forestry.

Thus, CDA leads the way through good example and provides an active contribution to the protection of our valuable natural resources and, not only in the green heart of Germany.

Certificate IATF 16949 DQS
Certificate ISO 14001 DQS
Certificate ISO 50001 DQS
Certificate ISO 9001 DQS


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