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Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc, is the next-generation optical storage medium.

In contrast to the red lasers used in DVD drives, Blu-ray technology uses blue-violet laser light. Both single-layer (25 GB) and dual layer (50 GB) discs can be produced.

The increased storage capacity makes possible significantly higher image resolution together with a broader range of audio formats.


Name Blu-ray Disc
Abbreviation BD Video
Year invented 2002
Inventor Blu-ray Disc Association
Size 120 mm × 1.2 mm
Storage capacity 25 - 50 GB

Manufacturing process

Production of Blu-ray Discs™


Once we have your master data and your AACS licence number (see requirements), we can commence production on your order.

During premastering we check your data and implement AACS copy protection. This data is used to produce the glass master, from which via an electroplating process are produced the stampers.

To check the functionality of the Blu-ray Discs we recommend the manufacture of so-called Check Discs.™. Once you have approved these check discs we"ll commence the actual manufacture of your Blu-ray Discs™. Injection moulding is used to re-create the stamper structures in plastic (polycarbonate).

For a single-layer Blu-ray Disc™ (see page 5), the reflective coating, a transparent protective coating and scratch-proofing are then applied to the read side of the disc. A more complex coating system is employed to produce a dual-layer Blu-ray Disc™ (see page 5). A second stamper is moulded in a UV-hardening lacquer coat and a reflective layer again applied. Only then can the protective coating be completed and the scratch-proofing applied.

Now Blu-ray Discs™ can be printed with your choice of label, individually packed and, if you wish, picked and shipped.

Production notes

Blu-ray Disc™ Production conditions:

AACS Licensee ID
In order to apply the mandatory AACS copy protection system, the content owner must be registered with AACS and have concluded a licence agreement. An agreement form can be found on the AACS web site, under „AACS License“. Once the agreement has been concluded, AACS LA will send you a licence number which you need to quote to us when you place your order.

The ISAN Code is a unique identification code for audio-visual works. It is not mandatory but depending on the authoring software used may be required during the authoring process. If the ISAN Code is used, every Blu-ray title will be stored in a central database with its ISAN Code which then allows it to be identified anywhere in the world. The content owner can apply for this code from the ISAN International Agency. Further information:

BDA Registration
If you would like to use a Blu-ray Disc™ logo and/or an RPC logo (Region Playback Control) and RPC functionality, you need to register with the BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association). Please contact the BDA directly to conclude an appropriate licence agreement. Further information:

Intellectual property rights
When you place your order, please send us the signed customer declaration on copyright and usage rights for production.

Input data specifications
Please supply your data as a BDCMF image. You can send this to us on hard disk, on a BD-R or via FTP.


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